©Julija Rukas


Paskelbta: July 13, 2017


Our environment, as well as ourselves, are surrounded by stories that define our existence and everyday life. History of Vilnius city has also begun with a symbolic story, or a dream to be precise. Nowadays, the cities are swarming with stories, narrated by its dwellers that imprint its buildings, squares and streets with meaning.

Remembering flâneur – the city explorer of the times of Walter Benjamin, the pages of narratives.lt will present thoughts and ideas of people, who create for the city, and will look into the ever-changing processes and questions of that matter. narratives.lt will share stories by architects, artists, philosophers as well as by initiators of the city projects. The website is orientated towards the urban creative work and the processes happening while creating for and about the city.

What is an effect of the creative work for the city and how does it shape its inhabitants? How do the personal stories, social and historical experience reflect and change the city? How do the layers of past influence the present? These questions are just a mere introduction to the flow of thoughts and ideas which, told by narratives.lt interviewees, will bring the readers to the journey through the narrow streets of the city, courses of projects and paths of discovery.

During one of his lectures, writer Ernestas Parulskis has stated: “the older the story, the more credible, clearer and more acceptable the value it creates. A new story creates the beginning of the future value”, therefore we hope these stories will create the beginnings of the aforementioned future value, allowing to grasp and understand transformations of the present city.